Project title: Letavy

Focus area/objective: Culture and Common Identity, Increased awareness of cultural diversity and cross-border intercultural dialogue

About the project:

The project will contribute towards the increase of awareness of cultural diversity and will enhance cross-border intercultural dialogue through multiple activities. Moreover, the project will contribute towards best practice sharing, new ideas and techniques sharing, new trends and will provide an exceptional platform for opening and enhancing a discussion regarding the development of contemporary art and culture. A framework for cooperation will be discussed and established. A meaningful professional cooperation will be established in order to provide a platform for cultural exchange, professional exchange, internships or traineeships.

Project partners:

Fundacja rozwoju kultury sztuki i edukacji „otwórz drzwi“
The Foundation promotes democratic values, human rights, equality, and tolerance through artistic activities and performs psychotherapeutic activities for young people at risk of social exclusion, for example unemployed and people with disabilities. The Foundation holds significant experience in international cooperation; foreign artists participate in activities and the Foundation takes part in international projects.


The concept of the 27-year-old Mediawave Film and Music Gathering remains very similar to Letavy. Mediawave is an artistic and community oriented festival. The festival takes place in Fort Monostor, Komárom, by the river Danube. Numerous artistic workshops represent a crucial element of the festival. The organisation promotes intercultural dialogue, involvement of civil society, and active participation of minorities. Mediawave has realized several projects involving artists, young people and minorities from all over Europe and world. The aim of the organisation is to unite people from different cultures through music, film, photography and fine arts.


Cylindr represents a valued organisation in the area of art and culture in the region of Ostrava. The aim of the organisation is to provide a platform for young artists, in the area of theatre, music, poetry, fine and visual arts. Cylindr organises international student artistic festival Kajdeš and cooperates with partners in Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. The activities of the organisation also include programs for children – asylum seekers and children at risk of social exclusion. Cylindr has participated at numerous projects supported by the International Visegrad Fund, Youth in Action and Erasmus+.


Project is supported by Visegrad fund