Letavy Regulations and OrderThe 33rd year of the summer camp of artists, theater, photography and literature takes place from 05 – 12 August 2018 in the recreational area Kokava – Línia, district of Poltár. The main organizer of the event, City Culture Center, requires participants to respect the following order, which sets out clear rules and obligations for both the participants and the organizers. The camp is held in every weather, except for natural disasters. Each participant is required to choose only one workshop to be participating in throughout the whole period of camp. After the camp has finished, the participant is obliged to leave one of the created works for the organizer in order it to be displayed at an exhibition of artifacts in Rimavská Sobota.

Arrival at the camp

Each participant will receive a non-transferable identification wristband that will be properly sealed to each individual participant after registering in the main building. By this bracelet, each participant of Letavy is obliged to prove himself/herself (for example during food claiming, on request by security service officer, organizer, etc.). Checking the wristbands will also take place throughout the entire area of Letavy and throughout the duration of the camp.

The identification wristband is NOT TRANSFERABLE!

 Throughout the duration of the camp it is NOT ALLOWED to take off the wristband, and if doing so, it could get damaged and lose its validity!

The participant, by signing, declares that he /she is familiar with the Letavy order and undertakes to respect it. Giving the contact number of a close person is obligatory and it is also required to notify the organizers of any allergies or other illnesses he/she suffers.

Required documents

  • ID card
  • health insurance card
  • or other document giving personal identification proof


General information will be provided to participants at the headquarters of the organizing staff. Reporting losses and notifications can also be done at this same place. Accommodation and registration information will be provided on the day of arrival and on other days (in the reserved hours) at the Ipeľ guesthouse. When necessary, it is possible to inform or transmit important information to any duly designated security staff member (SBS).

The animals

Dogs and large animals are forbidden to enter the festival town for safety reasons! There will be no dogs, dog breeds, and/or other predators allowed to enter the area of the camp.


Meals (normal or vegetarian) consist of a breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner, served at the local dining room at the Ipeľ guesthouse. Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 9:30 hrs. Lunch is served from (exact time to be specified). Dinner is served from 18:00 to 20:00 hrs. The meal will only be served to participants marked with an identification wristband and on the basis of the meal ticket presented. It is not allowed to carry the plates away from the dining room!

Security service (SBS)

SBS (private security service) is secured through our annually contracted Patrol and Guard Company, which has extensive experience and participates in virtually all major mass events in the area.  Participants can recognize the SBS members by their special wear. SBS is implicitly committed to checking visitors‘ identities and maintaining general order throughout the site.

Rights and obligations of the SBS:

  1. Checking – checking the identification (wristbands) of the camp participants throughout the site
  2. Inspection – personal inspection when entering the site to prevent bringing of dangerous and unauthorized objects
  3. Escorting from the site – in the case of handling participants without identification (wristband),  especially during the night hours, aggressive or otherwise security threatening participants, various dealers who are not registered, drug dealers and psychotropic substances
  4. Help and information – you can contact SBS for help in any situation. SBS is required to solve your problem or at least advise you where and how your problem can be resolved
  5. Protection – SBS protects participants and equipment from damage. For this, they are granted all necessary privileges and authorizations by the organizer.

Waste and cleaning

A large number of waste bins, trashcans and large-volume containers will be located throughout the site. It is desirable to keep the site clean! In case of any deficiencies or warning of excessive pollution, please contact the organizers via the headquarters. The participant is obliged to take out the full trash bins into the corridor from where they will be carried away by the cleaning service.

Social facilities

In the Ipeľ guesthouse, separate toilets and showers (men, women) are available to each guest on each corridor. The tent camp has available toilets and showers on the site, as well as washbasins with service water. All toilets are maintained and regularly cleaned during the camp. Water supplies need to be used wisely, not wasting water and exercise hygienic needs as fast as possible with respect to ensuring a smooth access to water for all visitors of the camp.


Anyone who wants to build a tent in the camp area must be properly marked with the identification wristband issued by the organizer after payment of the fee. It is therefore necessary to contact the organizing staff upon arrival. Each participant brings his/her own tent. For the safety of things in the tent the organizers do not take responsibility, therefore we recommend not to leave valuable things in the tents. Building tents outside the space reserved for this purpose is not allowed. Since the camp is located on grassland, in case of smoking it is necessary to be utterly careful about the occurrence of a possible ignition of grass.

Lost and found

In the event of a loss, it is necessary to turn to the headquarters of the staff, where they will declare search for the lost thing. In order to report the loss, it is necessary to give a precise description of the lost thing and to present an identification document (ID card, driving license, health insurance card). To retrieve the found thing, it is necessary to present the description of the searched thing and to prove identity by an identification document again. After the Letavy camp has finished the organizer will post all lost/found and unrecognized items at www. letavy.sk. Please, hand over any found items and objects to the staff.


There is a first aid location on the site, where volunteer medical staff will be permanently available. The location will be marked with a red cross. If necessary, ambulance is called by the closest member of the SBS or the organizer. In emergency cases it is necessary to call the rescue line 112 immediately!


To bring weapons of any kind, glass bottles and other glassware, cans and any metal objects. It is not allowed to use fun or any other pyrotechnics and to build an open fire in the area of Letavy. As anywhere else, it is not permitted to keep, distribute or publicly use drugs and other psychotropic substances in the area of the camp. Since sales and drug consumption are illegal, the situation will be monitored by the organizers and the SBS. Upon request, each participant is obliged to undergo a test to detect narcotics in the body. Tests are done by professional laboratory workers. If the test is positive, the organizer reserves the right to immediately exclude the participant from the camp without a right for claiming a refund. In the event that the requested participant refuses to pass the test, this will be considered a violation of the Letavy order and serve the reason for his/her exclusion.