LETAVY is a gathering of people who like arts, but they are not professional artists. People, who are looking for their own way to BEAUTY and they need some guiding. People, who know where they are going but they are looking for the new ways how to reach their aim – artistic, dramatic, literary, photographic, dance or musical way of communication. The importance of Letavy is in meetings of people face to face, meeting of man and arts, meeting of arts and nature.

During the stay at Letavy, the ability to cooperate and feelings of togetherness are really significant, as well as the decrease of hidden or negative features of personality.

LETAVY means :

Support for talents

Encouragment for the others and ourselves

Place, where your desire to try something without any fear can move you further


A CHANCE for everybody interested in arts who do not know, where to start and how

EDUCATION on the spot

DISCOVERING TALENTS and guiding them

MOTIVATION to try new ways and methods

CONFRONTATION for the different kinds of arts

CREATING SPACE for their synthesis


Creating their own piece of art

New experience and instructions

A unique feeling of existence in this community

Entirely new experience with new people of different qualities

Motivation to create their own pieces of art and to further studies