Participation fee, accommodation prices:

Type of accommodation with meals / no meals option does not exist! /

Guesthouse / Cottages …… 240,- €

Tent – own ………………….. 190,- €

Prices are listed incl. 20 % VAT.

The attendance fee includes the following items:

  • 7x accommodation, the price of accommodation in the guesthouse and in cottages is flat
  • 3x daily meals / vegetarian, normal /, breakfast buffet, lunch / main course /, dinner / soup, main course /
  • a lecturer in the workshop
  • services

Other items provided by the organizer of Letavy:

  • material and tools
  • protection and security
  • accompanying events, program
  • technical services and provision, sound, light
  • communication technologies, web, application, identification

Guesthouse accommodation will be given priority, after the exhausting the guesthouse capacity, accommodation in cottages will follow:


1. Transfer to account

Please note the name and surname of the participant in the payment note section. Please specify 05082018 as the variable symbol (the date of the beginning of Letavy).

Send money to the following account number:

IBAN: SK70 7500 0000 0040 2532 6902
Account Name: LETAVY


ČSOB Banka, pobočka Rimavská Sobota
Hlavné námestie 15
979 01 Rimavská Sobota

Keep your proof of payment and take it with you to Letavy!!!

2. In cash (in exceptional cases)

on-site, this payment method is possible if you reported accommodation in tents and in cases of participants from abroad.

WARNING!!! 31 July 2018 – By this date it is necessary to pay the fees for accommodation in the Ipeľ guesthouse and in cottages.


 The fee will be refunded if you request it due to health reasons that are provable on the basis of a medical certificate. In case that there is an objective circumstance that may prevent the continued participation in the Letavy, an aliquot amount of the fee will be refunded to the participant in agreement with the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to cancel your participation in the camp if in the course of your stay you fundamentally violate the rules set out by the organizer, and that without the right to a fee refund.


 Cancellation charges apply if you cancel your participation without giving any reason (except for the medical reasons already mentioned). If you cancel your participation, you will pay a contractual fine of:

21 days before Letavy – 0% of the price

14 days before Letavy – 50% of the price

7 days before Letavy – 70% of the price

On the day of the beginning of Letavy – 100% of the price