The 25th camp for artists, drama, photography and literature will take place 8th – 15th August 2010 in the mountain resort Kokava – Ipeľ. The main organiser, The City Culture Centre, expects the participants to obey the order below, which sets clear rules and duties of both the participants and the organisers. The camp takes place in any weather conditions, except the natural disasters. Each participant is allowed to choose only one workshop where they are to work during all their stay . They have to leave one of their works to the organiser so that they can be presented at the exhibition of the artefacts in Rimavska Sobota.


After registratiom in the main building each participant will be given their identity tape which will be sealed around their wrist. Wearing this tape is compulsory and participants have to show it after being asked (e.g. at the canteen, by the security guard, organisers, etc.) Checking the tapes can be expected within all the area of the camp and during all the events. The tape is not passable to another person, neither it is allowed to take it off – it would be damaged and not valid any more. By signing the list a participant expresses that he understands the order of Letavy and promisses to respect it. The participant also states the ICE phone number and possible health problems (allergy or other illness).


You should have:

· ID card

· Health insurance card

· or other doccument proving your identity


Participants can obtain general information at the Headquarters, which will also deal with lost property and announcements. The information on accomodation and registration will be given on the arrival day, as well as on the other day (in certain time) in the building Ipeľ. In case of emergency you can give (or get) important information to (or from) any of the security guards.


Participants are offered breakfasts (buffet) and dinners, which are served in the dining room in the main building – Ipeľ. The first meal is the dinner on Sunday, August 8th, the last meal is the breakfast on Sunday, August 15th.

Breakfast is available 8:00 – 9:30, dinner is served 18:00-20:00. Only a participant with an identity tape and the meal voucher can get their meal. It is not allowed to take the plates out of the dining room.


Private security guards PATROL AND GUARD are an experienced company, as they participate at all the events in this region. They are easily recognasable thanks to their special uniforms. They are entitled to check and identify the participants and keep the order within the camp.

Rights and duties of the guards:

1/ Checking – the identity tapes of the participants within the camp

2/ Security check at the arrival – in order to stop bringing dangerous or forbidden objects

3/ Taking somebody out of the camp – in case of people not wearing the ID tape, especially at the night time, agressive or dangerous people, or people trying to sell goods which were not registered before, as well as drug dealers

4/ Help and information – you can ask the guard for help in any situation. The guards have to either help you immediately or at least give you advice about the place and the possible way of solving your problem

5/ Protection – Guards protect participants and equipment against any damage by all means provided by the organisers.


All the area will be provided with a large number of bins and container for the litter and garbage. It is necessary to keep the area clean. Participants accomadated in buildings have to put their bins on the corridor and the cleaning service will take them out.


There are toilettes and showers (ladies, gents) in every corridor in the main building. Toilettes and showers with washbasins are available in the camp for the participants staying in tents. All of the toilettes are cleaned regularly . It is necessary to spend the water reasonably and use the facilities as fast as possible to keep them available for the others.


A tent can be put up only by a person wearing an ID tape after paying the fee. That is why i tis necessary to contact headquarters after coming . There only participants´ tents, none provided by organisers. Organisers are not responsible for the objects in the tent, which is why it is recommended not to leave valuables there. Puting up the tent out of the tent area is not allowed. As the tent area is covered with grass, it is necessary to be careful with fire (smoking, etc.) so that it does not catch the fire in the dry weather.


In case of any lost it is necessary to announce that to the headquarters with the detailed description of the lost object and with your ID card. To get the found object back the deatiled description and ID card are needed again. After the end of Letavy camp all the found and not taken objects will be published on the internet.

In case you find anything which might be lost by somebody else, please give it to the headquartes as well.


The first aid with voluntary medical staff is available in the camp. The place will be signposted with the red cross. In case of emergency any security guard or staff member will call the rescue system. In urgent cases call the 112 immediately!


Any kind of weapons as well as any pyrotechnics are not allowed to be brought into the area. Setting fire is also forbidden.

Keeping, distributing or using drugs is illegal everywhere in the country, which applies to the camp area automatically. This will be monitored by organisers and the Patrol and Guard. When suspected, each participant must agree with being tested on detection of the presence of these substances in their body. They will be tested by professional lab assistants. In case of the positive test, the participant is excluded from the camp without any refund. In case the suspected participant refuses the test, it will be considered as the serious violation of the order of Letavy camp and the reason for excluding .


Only not dangerous and not big animlas are allowed to enter the area of the camp. For dogs it is necessary to be on a lead. Presence of fighting and agressive dogs is nor allowed .