What is necessary to bring for LETAVY:

The organizers provide general material for needs of workshops. Despite of that, all participants are recommended to bring:


basic drawing utensils – for those having idea of what they will be doing (pencils, charcoal, eraser, Chinese ink, feather, shaft, thin brushes)


again, recommendation for those with conception: colours as preferred, brushes as needed,


own metal matrixes, steel needles, lino-cut gravers (we provide basic material for graving)


Sculpting loops, spatulas, old cutlery

Textile work:

own textiles (not T-shirt etc), LANAVE or DÚHA type of colours

Sculpture + little object

If possible, own kevels and chisels, small electric tools (carbo-grinder, electric wood saw). For small object material from scrap metal (doorknobs, cog wheels, car parts)

Art smithing:

hammers, eventually forge thongs

Digital photography:

Own digital camera, if possible also own laptop, if you are interested in working “on your own”

Drama workshops:

Orf instruments, little flutes or mandolin

Material for other workshops will be published following the lecturers instructions.