The accommodation possibilities offer 250 places at the pension Ipeľ and surrounding cottages (in two- to five-bed rooms) with common new showers and restrooms and unlimited place for tents. We will accommodate people preferably in the pension. After the pensions capacity is filled up the cottages will follow.

It is possible to sing up for cottages up until July 31, 2010. It is necessary to pay the participant’s fee by that date, which does not apply to foreign participants, who pay cash at the arrival. Signing up and paying for small tents is possible also on the spot

Accommodation in tents brought by you. Toilets and showers are located in separate sanitary facilities or in the main building. Cold and hot water is available all over the place.

Meals are provided for 2x a day – breakfast in form of buffet, supper (main course with soup). Normal or vegetarian meals can be chosen. There buffets available with various types of additional supplementary food and drinks, evening barbecue, common rooms (table-tennis, table soccer, snooker).

The exteriors offer to the creators various types of environment – forrest, meadow, decrepit houses in near villages of Šoltýska, Ďubákovo, Drahová, hay-barns, caves. The interiors – places for creation are provided for in form of cottages with large rooms, military tents, shelters. In free time it is possible to take a bath in pool, horse rides, rides on four-wheelers and innumerable wanderings in beautiful country.